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About test
The IQ test has no time limit and has 30 questions. Each of question has 5 sets. Just one question is chosen from 5 sets by computer randomly. We can declare IQ test has 5! * 30 = 3600 test variants. The chance two people will have same test is 0,027 %.
The questions are carefully chosen to have universal knowledge. In introduction of the test  you need put some datum which necesary for computing. Test continue wit 30 questions and after their finish is test avaluated by numbers and verbally.
1. Input datum
  • you need to fill name or nick at first.
  • email addres is not mandatory, but later we can use it for better identification or handling complains.
  • age is mandatory input for computing your IQ.
  • gender is mandatory entry.
2. Test questions 1 up to 30
  • IQ test has 30 questions.
  • each of questions has just only one solution.
  • if you chose one of the possible solution A, B, C or D and click on buttom "Confirm" you will automaticly skip on another question.
  • you can´t skip over questions.
3. Evaluation of the IQ test
  • after confirmation of the last 30th question is your IQ test immediately evaluated.
  • at first you can see your name or nick.
  • IQ result is represent by Number value,
  • and completed by verbal evaluation.
  • DONATE is the buttom which you can use for voluntary financial gift if you like your IQ test. The money are reinvest for development and creation of the new question.
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